Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Artwork of Jazz Great Miles Davis

The Kiss by Miles Davis
The Kiss by Miles Davis

Winner of eight Grammy awards, for more than five decades Miles Davis was one of the most innovative and important performers of jazz music. Late in his life, he began experimenting with the visual arts. Miles Davis as an artist was mostly self-taught. His early artwork was inspired by the Milan-based design movement known as “Memphis” whose theme was based on hot colors and clashing shapes. His later work changed direction. He began integrating swirling abstracts and strong African inspired textures.

An exhibit of what is described as the last remaining drawings and oil paintings by the late Miles Davis, will go on exhibit at the Exchange Court Gallery in London, beginning June 1, 2009 continuing through June 5, 2009. The artworks on exhibit are those acquired by Miles Davis' sculptress girlfriend, Jo Gelbard, and have never previously been seen on the art circuit. The exhibition is in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Miles Davis' 1959 album Kind of Blue.

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