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Pop Life Art contains a comprehensive listing of celebrities (actors, singers, musicians, athletes, etc.) that create fine art paintings, drawings and photographs. I believe that it contains the most complete listing of celebrity artists on the web.

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When possible, for each celebrity artist I've listed online galleries where you can view and purchase their artwork. Click on the artist's name to go to their official website, if they have one.

Celebrity Artists

John Lennon Self Portrait by John Lennon
Self Portrait
by John Lennon
Ringo Starr OOO Man Too by Ringo Starr
"OOO Man Too"
by Ringo Starr
Paul McCartney Ancient Connections by Paul McCartney
"Ancient Connections" by Paul McCartney
John Lennon at Celebrity Art Ringo Starr at Limelight Agency Paul McCartney at Mouche Gallery
John Lennon at Yoko Ono Flickr Page Ringo Starr at Rock Star Gallery Paul McCartney at Celebrity Art
John Lennon at Legacy Productions Ringo Starr at Celebrity Art Paul McCartney at Walker Art Gallery
John Lennon at Pacific Edge Gallery Ringo Starr at Herndon Fine Art Paul McCartney at Limelight Agency
John Lennon at Art Brokerage Ringo Starr at Front Row Gallery Paul McCartney at Front Row Gallery
Ronnie Wood Triple Self Portrait by Ronnie Wood
"Triple Self Portrait"
By Ronnie Wood
Jerry Garcia  Garcia / Grisman by Jerry Garcia
"Garcia / Grisman"
 by Jerry Garcia
Jane Seymour Self Portrait in the Garden by Jane Seymour
"Self Portrait in the Garden" by Jane Seymour
RonnieWood.org Jerry Garcia at Rock Star Gallery Jane Seymour at Friends of Jane
Ronnie Wood at Limelight Agency Jerry Garcia at Image Makers Art Jane Seymour at P and C Art
Ronnie Wood at Front Row Gallery Jerry Garcia at Renjeau Galleries Jane Seymour at The DQ Times
Ronnie Wood at Jack Gallery Jerry Garcia at ArtBrokerage.com Art Evolution Gallery
Ronnie Wood at Rock Star Gallery Jerry Garcia at Célébrités Galleries Jane Seymour at Herndon Fine Art
Grace Slick Scout by Grace Slick
by Grace Slick
Tony Bennett Self Portrait by Tony Bennett
Self Portrait
by Tony Bennett
Jimi Hendrix Jimi by Jimi Hendrix

by Jimi Hendrix

Grace Slick at Area Arts Tony Bennett at Image Makers Art Jimi Hendrix at Limelight Agency
Grace Slick at Célébrités Galleries Tony Bennett at Ro Gallery Jimi Hendrix at Celebrity Art
Grace Slick at Peabody Fine Art Tony Bennett at Dick Kleinman Fine Art Jimi Hendrix at Célébrités Galleries
Grace Slick at Front Row Gallery Tony Bennett at Celebrity Art Jimi Hendrix at Rockin Artwork
Martin Mull Dennis Hopper Paul Stanley
Martin Mull at Carl Hammer Gallery Dennis Hopper at artnet Paul Stanley at Célébrités Galleries
Martin Mull at Rena Bransten Gallery Dennis Hopper at Ace Gallery Paul Stanley at Wentworth Gallery
Martin Mull Ben Brown Fine Arts Dennis Hopper at Craig Krull Gallery Paul Stanley at ArtBrokerage.com
Janis Joplin Miles Davis Anthony Quinn
Janis Joplin at Limelight Agency Miles Davis at Art on 5th Anthony Quinn at Doubletake Gallery
Janis Joplin at Rock Star Gallery Miles Davis at Célébrités Galleries Anthony Quinn at Art Corporation of America
Janis Joplin at Area Arts Miles Davis at Compton Cassey Gallery Anthony Quinn at Herndon Fine art
Tony Curtis John Entwistle Bob Dylan
Tony Curtis at Artbrokerage.com  John Entwistle at RockPop Gallery Bob Dylan at Halcyon Gallery
Tony Curtis at Image Makers Art John Entwistle at Walnut Street Gallery Artisan Galleries
Tony Curtis at Doubletake Gallery John Entwistle at WhiteFang's Who Site Bob Dylan at Visual Gallery
Frank Sinatra Sylvester Stallone David Bowie
Frank Sinatra at D'art Fine-art.com Sylvester Stallone at Image Makers Art Bowie Art
Frank Sinatra at Jack Gallery Sylvester Stallone at ArtAmerica David Bowie at Célébrités Galleries
Jeff Bridges Leonard Nimoy Richard Chamberlain
Jeff Bridges at the Rose Gallery Leonard Nimoy at R. Michelson Galleries Richard Chamberlain at Célébrités Galleries
Michael Jackson Michael Madsen Mick Fleetwood
Michael Jackson at Julien's Auctions Michael Madsen at Célébrités Galleries Mick Fleetwood at Célébrités Galleries
Billy Dee Williams Marilyn Monroe Anthony Hopkins
Billy Dee Williams at Liss Gallery Marilyn Monroe at Ask Art Anthony Hopkins at the Guardian
Tony Dow Eve Plumb Brandon Boyd
Peter Falk Pierce Brosnan Joni Mitchell
Mark Mothersbaugh Bryan Adams Tipper Gore

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Many more celebrities listed including:
Johnny Depp, John Mellencamp, Marilyn Manson, Viggo Mortensen, Prince Charles, Johnny Cash, Lucy Liu, and more!

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