Friday, March 6, 2009

Actress Lucy Liu Creates a Name for Herself in Art

According to a New York Times article about this weekend's Armory Art Show and related exhibitions, a painting by artist Yu Ling, was revealed to be the work of actress Lucy Liu. The painting was presented by Eli Klein Fine Art. According to her biography at the Eli Klein website, "Yu Ling’s career as an artist began at the age of fifteen when she started experimenting with photography and collage mixed media. Her debut photography exhibit, Unraveling, at SoHo’s Cast Iron Gallery in 1993 landed her an art grant to study in Beijing, China." Although the bio does not identify Yu Ling as Lucy Liu, it is clear that they are the same person. In particular, the bio mentions Yu Ling's 2006 painting exhibition, Glass Onion, at New York City’s Milk Gallery. It was well publicized that the Glass Onion exhibition was the work of Lucy Liu.

Stephanie Reading by Lucy Liu

The image shown here is "Stephanie Reading" by Lucy Liu. It was one of the pieces in her September 2006 "Glass Onion" exhibition at the Milk Gallery. Following the exhibition, the original artworks were sold at auction, raising more than $267,000 to benefit UNICEF. Lucy Liu is a UNICEF Celebrity Ambassador. She was appointed U.S. Fund for UNICEF Ambassador in 2005. She supports UNICEF's HIV/AIDS awareness and education programs.

Visit the UNICEF website for more information about Lucy Liu's work as an Ambassador and to view more of her artwork.


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