Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anthony Hopkins Exhibits his Paintings in the UK

Landscape Painting by Anthony Hopkins
Landscape Painting by Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins says that both of his parents painted. According to an interview a few years ago in the Las Vegas Sun, his wife Stella encouraged him to return to art after she found a pile of old scripts with his drawings on them. He recently told the Guardian that his passion for acting has returned since he started composing and painting. "When it comes along, I enjoy it more because I'm laid back. My mind is clear, my body is clear. I'm fit and well, so I can apply all my strength and power to the movie."

Elephant Painting by Anthony HopkinsThe first British exhibition of Anthony Hopkins' art will open in London at Gallery 27, Cork Street, from February 16-20, 2010. The show will then move on to The The Dome in Edinburgh, March 2-6, 2010. The collection will consist of 38 paper and seven acrylic canvasses as well as five limited edition prints. The artwork will be available for purchase.

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