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Up And Coming Actress Samantha Lockwood Is Also An Artist

Samantha Lockwood

Twenty-five year old Samantha Lockwood has acting in her blood. She is the daughter of actors Gary Lockwood and Denise DuBarry. Some of Samantha’s roles include parts in the feature films Lords of Dogtown and Mexican Gold, and on the television series CSI: NY. In addition to her growing acting career, Samantha is also an artist. She exhibits and sells her art in galleries. She just recently had a show at the Jewelry Box in Palm Desert, California. She is mentored by Japanese artist Muramasa Kudo. Samples of Samantha’s artwork are shown here.

Painting by Samantha Lockwood

Artwork by Samantha Lockwood

Samantha has graciously agreed to answer some questions for me.

Lorrie: What came first, your interest in acting or your interest in art?

Samantha: "I can't say which came first. They came the same time.. childhood really. I've always loved to play characters with my dad, and I have always liked to draw and paint. I began to act as a profession before my art. My art has become a second profession once I felt confident and comfortable enough to sell my work."

Lorrie: Do you find it difficult to find time for both?

Samantha: "Finding time for art and acting is tough. If you want to be good at something you need to be very dedicated. So, I work as much as possible on both one at a time. Like anything you can get over exposed to one thing and soon you need a rest from that, even if it's only a few hours. So it's very nice for me to have two things I really love doing. One very much enhances the other. When one relaxes the other rejuvenates and visa versa."

Lorrie: How did you come to be mentored by Muramasa Kudo?

Samantha: "I was introduced to Muramasa and his wife Emi by Julian Jackson, a mutual friend. He became my painting mentor four years later when I finally sent him some of my work and he was extremely impressed with my art. From that point on I have continued to seek his guidance on technique, and discipline. We discuss technique and art in general about once a week."

Lorrie: In doing research for my website, I have found quite a few celebrities (actors, singers, musicians, etc.) that are also visual artists. However, I find it difficult to find celebrity artists that are under 40 years old. Why do you think there are not more young entertainers that are also interested in art?

Samantha: "I can't say why exactly. I will say that our current media is all about dancing, acting, singing and performing that way. It seems that those are currently emphasized as the more "cool" art forms. I'm sure that will vary over time. When art and painting are cool again and more people are getting into it, so will celebrities. The young ones can be the biggest sheep of all. I really do wish that more young celebrities would seek out art. It's a great way to communicate, much different than words. I think so much so that it can be a frightening venture for most.

Trying to create a painting without yourself and your ego is what really makes it beautiful in my opinion. Creating something by just your instincts and your sensibilities takes years to perfect, with art and with acting too. I think it's a skill that most people fear gaining because it takes a lot of trust in yourself. The best actors trust themselves, that's what makes them so beautiful to watch. Same goes for painters.

Another theory I have about celebrities coming to art after 40, is that perhaps most people finally settle into art as a hobby when they have made some money and they feel like they want a fun hobby. That is a common thought. That art is just for fun, a hobby. For me personally it is not just a hobby, I take it seriously. I love art and I couldn't imagine not being able to paint, whether I had 10 dollars in the bank or 10 million."


Visit Samantha Lockwood’s official website for more information about Samantha and her artwork.


Visit the Pop Life Art celebrity artists list for links to the artwork of more than 100 singers, actors, and musicians.


Edit April 19, 2008: Samantha now also has an art website and a blog. Be sure to pay her a visit.

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