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Art Guitars by Bruce Wall and Marie Currie

Amber Art Guitar by Bruce Wall and Marie Currie
Amber, Mini Art Guitar by Bruce Wall and Marie Curie
(Photo copyright Marie Currie)

Musician and guitar designer Bruce Wall has teamed up with musician, singer and artist Marie Currie.  Marie Currie is the identical twin sister of Cherie Currie of the band The Runaways. After the Runaways the sisters performed as Cherie & Marie Currie and released an album titled  Messin’ with the Boys.

Marie now creates art which she offers through Marie Currie Creations. In her bio, Marie says:

My passion is building crosses, mosaic guitars, along with taking old, dilapidated pieces and bringing them back to life. I think all of us want to regain our youth and to be reborn again!

Bruce Wall sells artistically designed and affordable guitars at About his guitars, Bruce says:

My philosophy on guitars is this; Your guitar should be as unique as you are and created with the same passion as your music.  I believe the prices that some of these companies charge is outragious and they should be ashamed.  I am and always will work with an individual on an instrument price.

Several years ago Bruce began creating miniature art guitars with Marie.  Their first collaboration was Amber, which was an immediate hit.

Some images of their more recent creations are below.

Art Guitar by Bruce Wall and Marie Currie

Art Guitar by Bruce Wall and Marie Currie

Cherie Currie is also an artist. Read my interview with her at Cherie Currie: From Runaway to Chainsaw Chick.

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