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Anthony Hopkins Opens Permanent Art Exhibition In Las Vegas

Aloha Nui Loa, painting by Sir Anthony Hopkins“Aloha Nui Loa”, painting by Sir Anthony Hopkins

Academy Award-winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins, is opening a permanent exhibition of his artwork at Jeff Mitchum Galleries in both the Bellagio and MGM Grand hotels in Las Vegas. Hopkins’ art exhibition will include limited edition serigraphs and original acrylics on canvas. Hopkins creates acrylic paintings on canvases using a palette knife and a variety of inks. As part of the exhibition, ten limited edition serigraphs will be available at both galleries.

When describing his paintings, Hopkins says:

The face is not important. It’s the eyes. The eyes are the most haunting part of one’s soul. It’s very primitive. It’s childish art. It has to be childish because I am a child. I’ve discovered lately that I enjoy all that is supposedly wrong with me. I used to take myself so seriously, but now I don’t. I allow myself to revel in the exhilarating nature of it all, maybe  reaching for the divine.

Anthony Hopkins has said that both of his parents painted, and that his wife Stella encouraged him to return to art after she found a pile of old scripts with his drawings on them.

Principessa, painting by Sir Anthony Hopkins“Principessa”, painting by Sir Anthony Hopkins

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