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Golfer Michelle Wie Expresses Her Artistic Side

Michelle Wie with one of her paintings
Michelle Wie with one of her paintings (video screen capture)

Michelle Wie is one of the most popular golfers on the LPGA tour. Wie began playing golf at the age of 4. She turned professional in 2009 and has 4 victories and 48 top ten finishes to date. Among Wie’s hobbies are listening to music, writing, baking, and she sometimes makes her own clothes. She also paints whenever she can find time. She says that she began sketching and drawing when a friend gave her a sketch book one year for Christmas. She later began painting on canvas. Common themes that often appear in her artwork are the color black and images of skulls. Wie tells USA Today that she has been infatuated with skulls since she was a kid. “I’ve always been in love with skulls, but they aren’t real ones,” Wie laughs. She says that black is her favorite color, starting when she went Goth in middle school.

Painting by Michelle Wie
Painting by Michelle Wie

Wie often shares images of her artwork and timelapse videos of herself creating her artwork with her 100,000 plus Instagram followers with hashtags such as: #paintingrehab, #broadenyourhorizon, #arttherapy, #skulls.

Michelle Wie talks about her artwork in the video below:

Wie is not the only professional ladies golfer that creates art in her spare time, last year I discovered that golfer Sandra Gal also paints.

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