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Actor, Athlete Terry Crews Was An Artist First

Artwork by Terry Crews - Jimmy Fallon Show

Actor, athlete, and now game show host, Terry Crews started out as an artist.  He began painting as a child in Flint Michigan. He told Jimmy Fallon this week that his first job as a freshman in college was as an artist for the local TV news, doing graphics for the newscasts. That led to an opportunity as a courtroom artist, where he says he was the artist for the trial of the “worst  murder case in Flint Michigan history”. Crews studied art at Western Michigan University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in 1991.

Crews’s career as a football player in the NFL was a difficult one, and he was often cut from teams. He says that he made money after being cut by offering to paint portraits of his former teammates.

Artwork by Terry Crews - Jimmy Fallon Show

Terry Crews’s acting career has included many television and movie roles. And he was recently named as the new host for Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Earlier  this year Crews published Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One.

He tells Jimmy Fallon about his artwork in the video below.

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