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Picture Book by Jessica Lange: It’s About a Little Bird

Jessica Lange Picture Book It's About a Little Bird

Oscar and Emmy winning actress and photographer Jessica Lange has released a children’s picture book titled It’s About a Little Bird. The book is illustrated with Lange’s original photographs and tells the story of two young sisters who visit their grandmother on her farm. The grandmother tells the girls a story about a time when she adopted a canary named Uccellino, or “Little Bird.” when she was a young woman living in Europe.

Lange took most of the photos used in the book at a farm she owns in New York. The two girls depicted in many of them are her granddaughters, Adah and Ilse. “I decided to illustrate it by tinting my black-and-white photographs [with photo oils rather than digitally], since I’ve always loved and collected hand-colored postcards,” Lange told Publishers Weekly. “And then I thought to make it into a book to give to my granddaughters.”

Jessica Lange briefly studied photography at the University of Minnesota in the late 1960s, and has taken photographs for many years. But only in recent years did Lange begin to show her work publicly. Lange has previously published two books of her photography:  50 Photographs, and Jessica Lange: In Mexico. She was honored by the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography, and earlier this year, San Diego’s Museum of Photographic Arts hosted an exhibition of her photographs, Jessica Lange: unseen.

On October 6, 2013 Lange will attend a  reading and signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles.

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