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Paintings by Sylvester Stallone in Russia

‘Untitled (Michael Jackson)’ by Sylvester Stallone
‘Untitled (Michael Jackson)’ by Sylvester Stallone

Action movie star Sylvester Stallone is also a painter. He says that he began painting before he found fame as an actor. An exhibition of Stallone’s paintings will open later this month at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg. The exhibition is being held in collaboration with Galerie Gmurzynska, and is being described as a career spanning retrospective which will include 25 of Stallone’s paintings created from 1975 to 2013. The exhibition opens October 27, 2013 and continues to January 2014.

The video below is from Stallone’s 2011 exhibition at Galerie Gmurzynska. It’s in German, but for us non-German speakers, you can make out a little of the conversation, and get a view of some of his artwork.

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