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The Swatch Little Idiot Watch by Moby

Moby and his Little Idiot Swatch Watch

The Little Idiot Swatch Watch by Moby

Musician, producer, DJ, artist and photographer Moby has joined with Swatch watch company to create the “Little Idiot” watch. About the Little Idiot and working with Swatch, Moby says:

“I started drawing cartoon characters in the mid 80’s when I worked in an underground record store. Every bag that left the store had a drawing on it, and one of my jobs was to draw the cartoons on the bags. And since then the little cartoon characters have just taken on lives of their own. I have been familiar with Swatch watches for many years and have admired the sense of creativity that they convey and promote. Working with Swatch on this project provided an interesting opportunity to give new context to the ‘Little Idiot’ drawings and I really love the finished results.”

The watch is available in a limited edition of 7777 pieces and comes in packaging, with prints of Moby’s hand drawn ‘Little Idiot’ character.  The watch is priced at $100. To purchase the Swatch Little Idiot watch, visit  the  Swatch website.

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All photos courtesy of Swatch Watch Company.

The Little Idiot Swatch Watch by Moby