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Beyond Words: Paintings By Bernie Taupin

Rise, painting by Bernie Taupin
Rise, painting by Bernie Taupin

Celebrated songwriter and longtime Elton John collaborator Bernie Taupin says that he has doodled all his life. He says that he began painting seriously in the early 1990s when he moved to his ranch in Santa Ynez Valley, California near Santa Barbara. Taupin just recently began exhibiting his paintings to the public.

Bernie Taupin will present his paintings in August at Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. The exhibition opens August 2, 2012 and continues through August 25, 2012. Taupin will make appearances at the gallery on Friday, August 24, 2012 from 6pm – 8pm and Saturday, August 25, 2012 6pm from – 8pm. Contact the Russell Collection gallery for more information and to RSVP.

Things to Do on Sunday, painting by Bernie Taupin
Things to Do on Sunday, painting by Bernie Taupin

About painting, Bernie Taupin says, “It just seems to be a natural extension of what I have spent my life doing, writing songs.”, He says, “It’s another step”. When he is on the road, he always has a sketch pad, crayons, and pastels with him. Taupin says that he likes creating art on planes, that he always comes up with good ideas.

In the video below, Bernie Taupin talks about the inspiration for his artwork, how painting compares to working with Elton John, and more.

To view more of Bernie Taupin’s artwork visit Limelight Agency.

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Update, 1/19/2012: For Bernie Taupin’s 2013 exhibition dates visit Limelight Agency.

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