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Artwork by Rocker Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler and his painting "Flesh"
Steven Tyler and his painting “Flesh”

Singer, songwriter Steven Tyler is known to most as the charismatic frontman of the Grammy award winning rock band Aerosmith and, more recently, American Idol judge. What many people may not know is that Steven Tyler is also an artist. Tyler has been painting for a number of years, but he has only been showing and selling his work for about 5 years. Skulls adorned with leaves are common themes in Tyler’s paintings, as are guitars. Steven Tyler’s artwork is distributed exclusively by Célébrités Galleries. When I asked Célébrités Galleries owner Gerard Marti about Tyler’s skull paintings, he told me, “For Steven, the skull is the box that contains your brain, the most essential part of the body. It’s also a symbol of power, and eternity, when the body decomposes, the skull stays forever.”

"Blue Skull", painting by Steven Tyler
“Blue Skull” painting by Steven Tyler

Limited edition signed prints of Steven Tyler’s paintings range in price from $1000 to $2750. Visit the Célébrités Galleries website to see the entire collection and to purchase artwork. Thanks to Gerard Marti and Célébrités Galleries for providing me with the images and additional information for this post.

"American Guitar", painting by Steven Tyler
“American Guitar” painting by Steven Tyler

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