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Photographs by Mick Fleetwood

Yellow Rose, Photograph by Mick Fleetwood
Yellow Rose, Photograph by Mick Fleetwood

Drummer, and namesake member of the Grammy Award winning band Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood will present an exhibition of his photographs at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. Mick Fleetwood began taking photographs while on the road with Fleetwood Mac, snapping photos of his bandmates. He told the Maui News, “Way back in England I got into it by always having a camera with me to take pictures on the road.”

In his statement about the exhibition he says that, “Photography, just like music, is a powerful tool of expression and communication. Both mediums open the door to boundless individual interpretations. Through this series of photographs, I hope to capture what is sometimes beneath nature’s surface and what may not always be visible at first glance.”

Some of his photos were taken while visiting his mother in Salisbury, England.  He says, “All these pictures were not snapshots. The poppy field totally caught me. I went back and took pictures on two different days. Salisbury Plain was where I came home to for years. A lot of this is around my mother leaving England and taking shots that had an empathy with her leaving, parts of her garden, river shots and villages.”

The exhibition opens June 18, 2012. For more information visit

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