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Photographs by Moby in Connecticut

Photo from Destroyed by Moby
Photo from Destroyed by Moby

Techno musician, producer, and DJ Moby is also an artist and photographer. He says that he has been a photographer since he was 10 years old. In May 2011 Moby released an album and a book of his photographs, both titled Destroyed. About the  title, Moby says:

so, the title: ‘destroyed’. i was in laguardia airport and my flight was delayed and i was wandering around and i saw a small sign that said ‘unattended luggage will be destroyed’, but the sign only fit one word at a time so i waited until it read ‘destroyed’ and i took a picture and somehow the picture and the title make sense to me when i listen to the music on the album and when i look at the other pictures in the book and yes this is a huge long run on sentence about the  title and cover image of the book and album but i like run on sentences because they remind me of ‘a prayer for owen meany’ by john irving.

The photos in the book include crowd photos from Moby’s concerts, as well as photos of landscapes, buildings, the interiors of various airports, and other unusual views. Most of the photos were taken while he was on the road touring, often from his airplane window.

Moby’s next exhibition of the Destroyed photographs will open March 15, 2012 at Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut. The exhibition continues through April 12, 2012. Moby will be in attendance for a reception and book signing on March 15. I attended Moby’s exhibition of Destroyed in Los Angeles last year. Read more about it here: Destroyed: Photographs by Moby in Los Angeles.

Moby talks about his photography in the videos below.

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