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Seventy Two: Artwork by Lucy Liu in London

Seventy Two, artwork by Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu, Seventy Two, 2009, acrylic and ink on paper, stones, rope

Artwork by actress Lucy Liu is currently on exhibit at Salon Vert Gallery in London. According to the gallery, the exhibition Features Liu’s installation Seventy Two, which is composed of 72 ink and acrylic paintings on paper.  They go on to say, “The paintings are inspired by the 72 Names of God – esoteric sequences of Hebrew letters – that some believe can help in the journey to find enlightenment for mind, body, and spirit.”

The exhibition also includes Liu’s new works on linen from the series Falling Into Silence. According to the gallery description, the Falling Into Silence series addresses issues of identity and history by rendering skeletal totems set against monochromatic minimalist fields. These works are said to be created by stitching, tying and twisting thread and hand-dyed leather to linen in networks of intersecting and crisscrossing thread, alongside small found objects such as wood, broken glass, butterfly wings or crumpled notes.

Lucy Liu has been exhibiting her artwork and photography since 1993 under the name Yu Ling. She was concerned that people familiar with her film and television roles such as Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, and Allie McBeal, would not take her seriously as an artist. She tells the London Evening Standard “I thought I would let people see the art without knowing I was that same person who they saw chopping people’s heads off. Because that can taint a person, you know?”

According to the gallery description for this and previous exhibits, Lucy Liu has studied photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.

To coincide with the exhibition, Liu will launch a new book Lucy Liu – Seventy Two. The book has been produced in two editions: a signed limited edition and Special Limited Edition (in an edition of 72). Each book is accompanied by a signed print of one of the paintings from the Seventy Two series. A donation of 10% from each copy sold at the launch event will be made to UNICEF, for whom Liu is an ambassador.

The exhibition continues through October 22, 2011. Contact the gallery for more information.

According to, Lucy Liu: Seventy Two will be available November 1, 2011.

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