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New Artwork by Ronnie Wood – The Famous Flames Suite

The Famous Flames - Wah Wah - By Ronnie Wood
The Famous Flames – Wah Wah – by Ronnie Wood

Guitarist and painter Ronnie Wood has released his latest collection of prints. The collection consists of four pieces titled The Famous Flames Suite, focusing on his Rolling Stones bandmates, and a fifth piece titled Stones on Stage – Got Me Rockin’ which features the entire band. According to an article in Fine Art Collector magazine, “to create the original pieces Wood began with a photograph of each band member, manipulating and altering the image, before printing onto canvas the black and white background at the top of each piece in the four portraits. The band members, shown performing in the foreground are all his own original composition, painted firstly with acrylics, followed by oils and finally embellished with oil pastels.”

Ronnie Wood began painting as a child. His artwork was first shown on a TV art show called BBC’s Sketch Club when he was ten. He went on to study art at Ealing Art College London. Throughout his musical career, Wood has continued to pursue his art. He started showing his art publicly in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he began putting his artwork into galleries in cities where the Stones were appearing and has since had many exhibitions around the world.

Stones on Stage – Got Me Rockin’ by Ronnie Wood
Stones on Stage – Got Me Rockin’ by Ronnie Wood

According to Fine Art Collector magazine, Ronnie Wood currently keeps a studio in London’s East End to paint, but he is a prolific artist and both his homes in London and Ireland are filled with work in progress. He says, “There is no kind of therapy like the one you have from starting and seeing a picture through. Over the years you’re never quite satisfied and, like music, you’re always learning and trying out new techniques.”

Visit Washington Green Fine Art to see the full collection.

Beginning October 22, 2011, Ronnie Wood’s new collection will be available at Castle Galleries throughout the UK.

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