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Grace Slick, The 420 Collection: Art & Marijuana

Rescue Rabbit Painting by Grace Slick
Rescue Rabbit painting by Grace Slick

Singer Grace Slick began painting in 1989 after her last performance with Jefferson Airplane as part of a reunion tour. In the late 1950s, after she left Finch College in New York, Grace Slick briefly studied art at the University of Miami. Much of her artwork makes reference to her time as a singer and songwriter. As with her song “White Rabbit”, Alice in Wonderland references are dominant in her artwork. Images of Alice and the White Rabbit appear often in her paintings. Her paintings also include other musical and rock icons such as Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Pete Townshend, Jim Morrison, and Sting.

Grace Slick recently released her 420 Collection, which are paintings she says are to raise awareness on the issue of medical marijuana. Slick will be on hand December 3, 2011 to present the 420 Collection as well as selections from her larger range of artwork at Alexander Salazar Fine Art in San Diego. According to the gallery “Along with her “420 Collections”, the exhibition will feature a large selection of Slick’s recent surrealist paintings and some of her best-known works, from her own painting archives.” The exhibition is open to the public, although there will also be a private show on the same date. The gallery says that it is highly recommended to call in advance to reserve a spot on the gallery’s RSVP list.

Exhibition Details:

Public Exhibition: December 3rd, 7pm – 8:30pm
Alexander Salazar Fine Art
1040 7th Ave, San Diego, CA

Grace Slick discusses the Rescue Rabbit and her support for medical marijuana in the video below:

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