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Swizz Beatz: Art, Design, and Music

The Fuze, Painting by Swizz Beatz
The Fuze, Painting by Swizz Beatz

Producer, rapper Swizz Beatz (born Kasseem Dean) is well known in the music world as the man behind the hits of many high profile acts such as DMX, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, and many others. He has also worked with and is married to singer Alicia Keys. However, Swizz Beatz’ creative activities are much more extensive than that. He is involved in the fashion world, having collaborated with the likes of Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet and French shoe designer Christian Louboutin. He recently began working with Reebok. He has also worked with luxury automobile companies Aston Martin and Lotus.

Swizz Beatz is also a visual artist. He began as a collector, starting with the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat. According to the New York Times, by age 25 he had bought his first original Basquiat piece and now owns six. And he wears two Basquiat-inspired tattoos, one a portrait of the artist on his right arm. Other artists he lists as his inspiration are Andy Warhol, Ernie Barnes, Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Peter Max, Mr. Brainwash, and Shepard Fairey. He says that, as with music, he has no formal training in art. He says that he almost looks at the canvas as an opponent: “It’s challenging me to do something that I have never done before.” Swizz Beatz uses the proceeds from the sale of his artwork to support charity. The proceeds from the auction of his first painting went to the Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation.

Swizz Beatz discusses his artwork in the video below:

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