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Destroyed: Photographs by Moby in Los Angeles

Moby signing books

Last night I attended the opening of Destroyed, an exhibition of photographs by musician, producer, and DJ Moby at Kopeikin Gallery. The name “Destroyed” is from a photo he took at  LaGuardia Airport (Read more about that at my previous blog entry, Moby: Destroyed). Destroyed is also the name of Moby’s latest album and his recently released book of photographs. Moby was in attendance at the event, mingling with the crowd, taking photos with them, and signing books. Other than the title photo, Destroyed, the photos in the exhibit were of his concert audiences, taken from the stage.

In an interview with Elizabeth Avedon Moby says:

The reason I love taking pictures of crowds is because documenting these ecstatic experiences and the way on the one hand people are having like this celebratory rapturous experience, but it also looks sort of like they are in pain. So it’s joyful and ecstatic, but sort of disconcerting and pained, as well. I think I really love the strange ambiguity of documenting for an ecstatic crowd.

The photos in the book include crowd photos, however, the book also includes photos of landscapes, buildings, the interiors of various airports, and other unusual views. Most of them were taken while he was on the road touring, often from his airplane window.

Moby will be signing his book tomorrow night (September 12) at Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard.

Moby Destroyed exhibit in Los Angeles


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