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Celebrity Artwork at Guernsey’s Rock & Roll Treasures Auction

Artwork by Jimi Hendrix
Artwork by Jimi Hendrix

Guernsey’s Rock & Roll Treasures auction includes a number of celebrity art pieces. There are several drawings by Paul McCartney and  John Lennon. And there are original oil paintings and collages by Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles original bass player who died in 1962. In addition, the auction includes six color marker pen drawings by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

According to the auction description:

Bob and Kathy Levine, Hendrix’s publicity agents in the U.S., say that Jimi carried sketchpads and art boards with him and was often seen drawing his vivid images. Some of the paintings appear to have begun as small doodles which he developed into intricate highly involved images. Those familiar with his method of painting say Hendrix worked with 5 or 6 watercolor pens held between the fingers of his right hand as his other hand deftly created the amazingly intricate designs.

The auction, which takes place Saturday, September 24, 2011 in New York, also includes “Manny’s Music Archive”, which is described as the complete collection of autographed and inscribed photos of famous musicians from New York City’s legendary Manny’s Music Shop. The auction was originally to be a two day auction and also include the entire Astrid Kirchherr photographic archive of the Beatles, including prints, negatives as well as the photographer’s copyrights to the images. Astrid Kirchherr met the Beatles in 1960 when she was a young photographer in Germany and is said to have taken “the most memorable photos of the Fab Four”. However, there is currently a notice at the Guernsey’s website that says that the entire Astrid Kirchherr Beatles collection has been sold and the second day of the auction has been cancelled.

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