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Comedian Jim Carrey is Serious About Painting?

Funnyman and actor Jim Carrey is also a painter. And, according to the bio at his website, he also sculpts. He occasionally talks about his paintings and posts images of them on Twitter. He posted the following two partial images of a painting on May 7, 2010.

 Painting by Jim Carrey Painting by Jim Carrey

On May 19, 2010 he made the following post on Twitter:

“I’ve been painting! Each new work is like a child. I sleep in a separate room but it still has my full attention. I need a baby monitor. ;^J”

Perhaps Carrey is deciding to get more serious about his painting. According to the NY Post, he has rented space at Julian Schnabel’s studio, and is said to be working on a large abstract canvas.

Update 6/10/2011: Jim Carrey talks to Jay Leno about his paintings.

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