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Paintings by Songwriter Bernie Taupin

French Quarter Painting By Bernie Taupin
French Quarter By Bernie Taupin

Songwriter and longtime Elton John collaborator Bernie Taupin is also a painter. Although his artwork has been available in the past, he has recently joined with Limelight Agency to “reboot” his art program. According to his website, “Limelight honcho Daniel Crosby is the man responsible for aiding and encouraging Bernie to rise from the ashes and return to the creative platform. Expect to see a major resurgence in both Bernie’s output of abstract and multi-media canvases along with a higher profile on the celebrity art scene.”

In describing his artwork, Taupin says:

“Canvas to me is simply the visual extension of what I have spent my life creating through words. The imagination, in my estimation, is the most powerful tool the artist possess enabling us to conjure up beautiful distraction for the ears and eyes.

I have no formula except that which comes from what I dream, feel and see. To me colors are like words…they express emotions…likewise texture and mediums display an abundance of moods.”

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