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Artwork by Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series

Legendary singer and songwriter Bob Dylan has created a new series of paintings and drawings titled The Brazil Series. The collection was created specifically for an exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, and it will be on display to the public for the first time starting September 4, 2010. The show will include 40 paintings and 8 drawings and will be accompanied by a book, Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series. Dylan was asked to create these paintings for the museum. He says: ”I’ve been to the National Gallery of Denmark and it definitely is an impressive art museum. It was more than a little surprising when I was asked to create works specifically for this museum. It was an honor to be asked and a thrilling challenge. I chose Brazil as a subject, because I have been there many times and I like the atmosphere.”

Bahia painting by Bob Dylan
Bahia by Bob Dylan (Photo credit: SMK Foto)

Bob Dylan has been drawing and painting for many years. A collection of drawings and sketches he made while on tour between 1989 and 1992 were published in a book titled “Drawn Blank” in 1994. Dylan later re-worked these drawings into paintings, forming a collection titled “The Drawn Blank Series”, which have been exhibited at a number of shows from 2007 to 2010, including shows in Germany, England, and Scotland. They have also been published in a book titled Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series.

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