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Heavy Metal Bassist Jason Newsted Exhibits his Artwork

Ruby Forma painting by Jason Newsted
Ruby Forma by Jason Newsted

Jason Newsted played bass guitar with the influential heavy metal band Metallica from 1986-2001. In 2005, while healing from multiple shoulder surgeries and looking for another creative outlet, Newsted began experimenting with drawing and painting. He began exhibiting his artwork a year later.

Paintings by Jason Newsted are currently on exhibit at Micaëla Gallery in San Francisco.

In an interview with SF Weekly at the exhibit, Newsted said:

“There are some people who are not going to like what I do, and they already made up their minds beforehand,” he says. “They see another musician who paints, or another writer who paints. That’s fine. I saw some people making fun of the paintings tonight, but it didn’t bother me. I don’t want everyone to like my stuff.”

“It’s just like the music. There are a lot of painters, and a lot of musicians. But you’ve got to be good. You have to be. I’ve convinced myself that this is a good idea, and the positive vibrations I’ve felt tell me I made the right decision.”

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