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Photographs by Mike Watt: Eye-Gifts From Pedro

San Pedro Photo by Mike WattSan Pedro Photo by Mike Watt

Bassist Mike Watt was a founding member of the influential punk rock band The Minutemen, which included guitarist/vocalist D. Boon, and drummer George Hurley. As a solo artist, Watt has performed with many other important music acts including Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Eddie Vedder, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A longtime resident of San Pedro, California, Watt began photographing the Port of Los Angeles in 2002, often while he was kayaking or biking. He says: “why do I love pedro? I love her geography. all my music history’s here – this is where I met d. boon… his ma put me on bass. I was a changed man! I love my town. we have nature, we have geography, we have some history. mr bukowski’s planted here – you know?”

Photographs by Mike Watt are currently on exhibit at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Eye-Gifts From Pedro is the debut exhibition of Watt’s photographs. According to the gallery: “Comprising 25 digital ink-jet prints chosen from a selection of 1,300 images – which represent a fraction of Watt’s archive — Eye-Gifts from Pedro shows us the cable and steel that structure the Port, the rust and salt that encrust every surface, coastal wildlife, and sunrises that arrive with explosions of blazing color.”  The show opened April 1, and continues through May 1, 2010.

For more information about Mike Watt visit Mike Watt’s Hoot Page.

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